Starting Monday April 11th I’m doing a fun–but also scary–new video project. It’s 30 days of video called the “Lifestyle Entrepreneur Diaries”.

It’s fun because I’ll be sharing stories, tips and insights about what it’s like to be a lifestyle entrepreneur who runs 2┬ábusinesses while traveling, a lot. It’s also scary because, well, video scares me a little bit. But I know in order to grow I have to do things that might not feel so comfy.

If you’re on my list, you’ll be receiving 2 emails a week.
:: 1 email will have 1 video and a story that goes along with it.
:: 1 email will be a wrap up of the past 7 days of video, with links to watch them all.

I’m super excited to share a lot of tips, insights, stories and strategies that have have helped me along my entrepreneurial journey. I plan to interview some cool peeps, too, so you don’t want to miss this!

If you’re not on my list and want to see these videos, go here: to sign up.