From the time you were little, you promised yourself you’d live every day like an adventure. So now that you’ve finally made it big, why do you feel so trapped?

It doesn’t make sense. On paper everything looks great. You’ve got a six-figure salary, a stable love life, bankable assets and a healthy 401(k). You’ve achieved so much success in such a short time that your friends and family are convinced you’re living the dream.

But you dread going to work (or coming home). You struggle to sleep well at night. And as you stare up at the 3AM ceiling, you hear a familiar voice say, ‘Is this all there is? Is this what you were put on this planet to do?’

Of course not, my darling. You were meant for bigger, bolder things.

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”- Oprah

She was right. (She’s Oprah.) But the reason so few women actually live that adventure is nobody shows you how to do it.

Nobody teaches you when and how to listen to your internal GPS.

Nobody insists that you swerve off the highway of well-paved “stable” success and down the bumpy dirt road of true calling.

When you’re the kind of go-getter who accelerates fast, rocketing up corporate ladders or romantic commitments, it’s easy to lose track of your true destination.

You know how it happens: the money, the bonuses, the international travel and extended tropical vacations. You get used to perks and security and taking advice from people who don’t share your secret obsession with freedom.

At some point, you start to believe that the choices you’ve made—your high school sweetheart-turned-husband, your megawatt job, the condo facing the Manhattan skyline—are as good as it’s going to get.

At least that’s how it happened for me.

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink and buckle up, darling. This is the story of the flight path that damn near broke my spirit—and how I know you can get back on track.

I wasn’t yet 30 when I landed a job as the head of Design and Product Development for a leading home textiles company, the peak in my career in design and product development. But my days quickly filled with bickering colleagues, bullshit meetings, and Excel spreadsheets that made my creative heart shrivel.

Though my view from the top was proving to be more urban parking lot than Caribbean sunset, I couldn’t complain to my husband. After 13 years together, we’d grown apart instead of together, so each night we tiptoed around the apartment and avoided running into each other. I spent most nights avoiding the stony silence and strangeness with mindless TV and Chardonnay. (Cheers!)

After years of waiting for a magical solution to appear and fix our broken marriage, I asked my husband for a divorce. Though I wasn’t 100% sure I was making the right decision, and I half-believed I would wind up alone as an old maid, I stayed with my best friend while he packed up and moved out.

At first, I was devastated. My divorce felt almost worse than a death in the family. (Plus I hadn’t been single in over a decade, so I acted like a 15-year-old on dates. Awkward.) But I sucked it up, learned what post-date-texts meant, and used those long, quiet nights to reconnect with the parts of myself that were resurfacing.

One day at work, during yet another pointless meeting, I watched my colleagues argue about which hue of blue was best and felt something inside me shift.

The voice inside me whispered truth like an inner compass,’Lauren’ it said, ‘life is too short to be doing stuff you hate.’

So yeah, I quit my job.

To outsiders I looked crazy considering I had no income and still had the mortgage of two people to pay. But I used my negotiation skills to land two high-value contracts in my first months of self-employment, and back at the helm of creative design, I immediately began to thrive.

After a year in business for myself, I crossed the six-figure threshold in my business as a home fashions design and product development consultant.

And shortly thereafter, I met the man who proved to be the love of my life. We began to talk about moving to Costa Rica, where we both love to surf. I even became friendly with my ex.

By listening to my inner nudge, I learned to trust my instincts and deepest desires. Once I did THAT, I realized the sky is the fucking limit.

I watched this vibrant, beautiful woman decline so rapidly, and I saw how long-held feelings of anger and disappointment made her failing health so much more painful. When she died, my heart broke for all the days and minutes she hadn’t spent living the best life she possibly could.
I knew then that my purpose in life was greater than designing beautiful bedding and home decor.
I enrolled in the health coaching school. Quickly, I realized kale-centric meal plans weren’t the be-all, end-all of my philosophy. So I quickly switched gears.

I help high-performing women who want to get out of overwhelm and design the businesses and lifestyles of their dreams.

Once you climb into the pilot’s seat of your life, the only rules that matter are YOURS.

I want you to listen and believe when I say that NOTHING can hold you back except your internal beliefs.

You CAN have it all, no matter what that means to you.

You CAN can look back one day and say with joy, ‘I did all the things I wanted to do.’

I’m living proof that you can turn everyday life into a first-class adventure.

These days, I’m so happy that I want to twirl in blissful circles around my living room, singing “The Sound of Music” and waiting for alpine birds to land on my hand.

I wake up excited to get to work every day (and even more excited to wear yoga pants while I do so).

I travel the world whenever I want to and meet up with old friends at Frankfurt coffee shops or surf with my love under a Costa Rican sunset.

I use my first-hand experience as a risk-taker, empathic listener, and career strategist to help women build their confidence, get unstuck, build their businesses and live their dreams.

What would First Class Freedom mean to you?

.First Class Freedom isn’t about finding a new job, working 20 hours a week, losing 10 pounds, or island hopping with your favorite partner-in-crime (although it can be if that’s what you desire).

It’s financial abundance and generosity.

It’s taking your work (but not yourself) seriously.

It’s creating your business, lifestyle, relationships and routines from a place of desire, not fear.

It’s living life on your terms, refusing to compromise your values, and fully owning your limitless potential.

On my stumbling journey to First Class Freedom, I learned my lessons the hard way. Allow me to spare you six years of confusion, heartache and despair.

Read these, write them down, or tattoo them on your forehead—whatever it takes for you to realize that YES, these truths are meant for you, too.

Listen to that inner nudge. Just do it. You will survive and even thrive after all those changes that seem so impossible and scary.

Stop listening to the noise of others!

Listen to your heart and the voice that craves the happiness you see in others. These are guideposts on the path to your escape!

Take care of yourself and your body. Rest. See friends. Play. Explore. Have fun.

Love yourself enough to trust yourself. You are wildly capable and deserve to create the life you’re dreaming about.

Above all, remember that life is too short to be doing stuff you hate.

If you can hear your inner voice, and she’s crying out in recognition, then you, my darling, are ready for take off.


Want to know EVEN MORE about me? (I mean seriously, that wasn’t enough?)

WELL, if you and I had already been friends for a decade, you’d know these fun facts about me:
I skydive, surf, and dance around my living room (often with my boyfriend).

I’ve been to China over 30 times.

I’m not-so-secretly woo-woo. (I dig energy healing, angel cards, new moons, and other mystical things I don’t understand).

I’ve danced onstage at a concert for a well-known 90’s band. (Okay, it was Limp Bizkit. I did it all for the nookie! Please tell me we’re still friends.)

I’ve never used a tiny toilet. I potty trained myself on my 2nd birthday and have been wearing big girl panties ever since.

And if you still want to know more, then contact me here.

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