30 day video challenge

Starting Monday April 11th I’m doing a fun–but also scary–new video project. It’s 30 days of video called the “Lifestyle Entrepreneur Diaries”. It’s fun because I’ll be sharing stories, tips and insights about what it’s like to be a lifestyle entrepreneur who runs 2┬ábusinesses while traveling, a lot. It’s also scary because, well, video scares me a little bit. But I know in order to grow I have to do things that might not feel so comfy. If you’re on …read more

Is your language working for you, or against you?

Language gives shape and form to our reality. But we’ve got to be careful with the way that we speak, otherwise our words are working against us. Which statement sounds more empowering and powerful? “I will earn $10,000 a month by working with 4 clients in August?” OR “If I can figure out how to build my website, and if the stars align perfectly and if I can just bump into a few new clients in the street then maybe …read more

How playing can help your business

I recently spent time at my sister’s home in Delaware and got to hang out with my super cool 6 year old nephew, Evan. We played on the swing set (which is a personal fave of mine.) We had a water gun fight. We built tiny Lego battleships. How fun, right? Have you ever watched a child and saw the world through their eyes? It’s incredible. They have no fear; no judgment. They live in a land of wonder and …read more

Do something that scares you

I’ve got a challenge for you, if you’re up for it. I double dare you to put yourself out “there” in a way that feels slightly scary to you. I want to see you be more visible in your business and life. No more hiding behind the computer screen. No more being a (pretty) wallflower. What’s that ONE marketing strategy that you’ve been avoiding doing that could potentially put you in front of more ideal clients and prospects? {That ONE …read more

What my tattoos have to do with your business

Alright, now you might be wondering how my tattoos would have anything to do with business. Actually, they have a lot to do with the mindset that goes along with having a business. In case you didn’t know I have 6 tattoos. I’ll save the history of them for a later date, but I got my first one at 14 and my last one at 29. They are all in places that you’d never see unless you saw me in …read more