What’s your WHY?

Your WHY is the reason you are doing what you’re doing. The main reason you’re trying to move mountains and make money in your business. Your WHY is the thing that keeps you going. No. Matter. What. This topic came up for me recently. I frequently get calls from recruiters/headhunters looking to fill positions in my old industry. My last full-time, in-house job was as the head of product development where I ran a $125 million dollar division and I reported to …read more

How to close more discovery calls

Do you feel like hiding under a rock after you hold a discovery call/strategy session and the client doesn’t want to sign up to work with you? I totally get it. I’ve wanted to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich and never come back up for air ever again. In today’s Truth or Dare, I’m going to not only help you reframe the feeling of rejection but help you hear more Yes’s (and more Paypal notifications.) TRUTH: …read more