Nikki Brocco, New York

Working with Lauren was a game changer for me! Being able to work on strategy and mindset each week with her really allowed me the space to create a sense of freedom and alignment for myself within my business. Lauren has the gift of meeting you exactly where you are at, which allows you to grow organically.

She’s not about “following” the pack. She’s about amping up what you enjoy doing while trying new things so that you can fully understand how you show up as an entrepreneur.

She is also the absolute best at reframing and troubleshooting so that you continue to move forward with what you are doing, NO MATTER WHAT. Because of our work together, I have one of the strongest foundations built to launch from!

Megan Strobridge, New York

Before I coached with Lauren, I was stuck on trying to find the ideal business for me in the corporate world. Trying to find this ideal business has been exhausting.

This is where Lauren really helped to coach me through my thoughts and get clear on the perfect business for me.
She helped me to uncover the fear that was keeping me from getting started. After my session with Lauren I felt a sense of clarity, motivation and confidence that I’ve needed to get over this fear.

Even though I work in marketing, that is not my ideal business. Lauren helped me to see that I didn’t need to force something that’s not there.

What really stuck with me after our last session was the mantra we created. I’ve scheduled time each weekend to work on my ideal business.

This mantra pops up every weekend on my phone. After our talk I was so motivated to work on my plan I couldn’t even wait till the weekend.

Since our last session I have experiencing less fear and knowing that when I create my ideal business scenario it will be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Knifie Burks, Illinois

I was overwhelmed and struggling with my massive to-do list. Working with Lauren helped me to realize that I need to push past the perfectionism and allow others to help.

I don’t need to do it all. I am now going to delegate tasks. Now I can use this time for something else that’s bringing in income.

Victoria Misslin, Maryland

Before I met Lauren, I was pretty foggy about my direction. I was tired and fed up with my current state- not BAD but not great.

I was stuck in an out-of-whack work/life balance and feeling disconnected from other people.
The best part is that Lauren is all positive, no pressure! It’s just a conversation with positive focus and direction and not even on what I’d consider “problem” areas, but things that influence behind those areas.

The biggest shift came in really internalizing “Why wait?”
Our call was the best and most productive hour of my day.

Neha Tuli, New Jersey

I had a great session with Lauren. She made me feel really comfortable. She’s a great listener and asks questions that make you go deep inside yourself to find what you really want.

Before our session, I was feeling stuck on my future career path. I needed someone to ask the soul searching questions that Lauren asked me and really made me think.

I had an a-ha moment was when I realized that I am looking for validation from my husband and it’s something I need to address in my relationship. Our call definitely will help me to get moving towards setting some goals and taking steps towards achieving them. I highly recommend Lauren to everyone.

Now I feel re-interested in my career life and re-energized and hopeful.

Lauren Devine, Australia

I initially contacted Lauren to provide me with some business guidance, specifically around my niche and areas that I was getting stuck on.What followed was without a doubt, one of the greatest coaching sessions I have ever encountered. Lauren’s incredible intuition and skills uncovered that there was more beyond the surface of my business woes. The release and sense of freedom that I gained from our session was nothing short of liberating and it has allowed me to gain further clarity on my own beliefs about myself so that I can now move forward with my business.

What an absolute treasure of a human being Lauren is, I cannot thank her enough for her generosity and her ability to make me feel safe and free to speak my truth.

If you are coming against similar feelings toward yourself or your business, then do yourself a favor and contact Lauren. It will be the best thing you ever do.

Elizabeth Derby, Virginia

Prior to working with Lauren, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, to be honest. It was the start of a new year and I was looking at all I hope to accomplish.

I was not feeling certain that I’d really nailed my ideal client yet and knowing I had to do a ton of work before I started really marketing myself… Yikes.

I had a GREAT a-ha moment when I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed not because of the research and work I had to do but the other pressing commitments that were weighing on me–including the renewal of client projects that really don’t fit where I’m headed in my business.

So the a-ha moment came when Lauren helped me realize that I actually needed to say NO to things as a first step to moving forward.

I have been thinkingthinking about what I will say no too, and just this morning I began the process of “breaking up” with a client. It’s a beautiful company with warm, friendly people, but the nature of the work itself isn’t right.

Just having the permission to say no–even though it’s scary!–made a world of difference to me!
As always, our session was fun, funny and engaging.

Tanne VanDeKreeke, Belgium

Before I worked with Lauren, I was full of overwhelm. I had fears of failure and a fear of starting my business.
In every call there was an a-ha moment and it really helped hearing them.

As a result of our work together I am feeling more confident and my wellness studio opens in May!

Johanna Lyman, Massachusetts

I was feeling stuck on no new clients and I was resisting the sales process. Generally, I was feeling pretty crappy about it all.

Lauren was very present and had some great insights and questions. Her insight showed me that as I was healing my abandonment wound that clients were abandoning me (ha! I hadn’t seen that!).
Since our call I have I allowed myself to relax and receive new clients into my life.