I’ve got a challenge for you, if you’re up for it.

I double dare you to put yourself out “there” in a way that feels slightly scary to you. I want to see you be more visible in your business and life. No more hiding behind the computer screen. No more being a (pretty) wallflower.

What’s that ONE marketing strategy that you’ve been avoiding doing that could potentially put you in front of more ideal clients and prospects? {That ONE thing that might make you sick to your stomach to think about…but that you ALSO know could potentially rock your business world.}

Is it webinars? Live video? A workshop? Periscope? Networking events?

I’m sure you already know this, but just in case let me remind you.

TRUTH: If no one knows you are in business you aren’t really in business. It’s a secret hobby.

You want to make money. You want to reach more ideal clients. You desire to live a freedom lifestyle–one that pays your bills (and then some), that allows you to travel the world and do fulfilling work with awesome clients.

But people need to know who you are as a person and as a business-owner.

You’re scared. I get it. You wonder what people will think, or how they will react. {Newsflash: we can’t control what people think or do. If we could, I’d be constantly hand-fed grapes by Johnny Depp.}

DARE: Be bold. Put yourself out there. Share something about your life, your business, your hope and your dreams. Show your TRUE colors. Be authentic. Tell a story about how you got into business and why. Just share something.

Where is the place that you will commit to sharing your story or showcasing your expertise that will potentially have your ideal client seeing it? Where do your ideal clients “hang out”?

Have a place in mind?

OK. Good. Go share it there! {I’ll wait….}

Comment below and let me know how it went!