Remember when you started your business so you could live life on YOUR terms? Not worried about having the money, time or energy to do the things you truly want to do?

Let’s face it. Building a business can be hard. It can also be lonely, overwhelming, and to be honest – sometimes you just feel like giving up.

But don’t.

Are you ready to be with other badass entrepreneurs and build a thriving biz & freedom lifestyle?

Great! Then an Entrepreneur Escape retreat is for YOU!

10 Reasons You Must   #FucktheHustle
REASON 1. You got into business to set yourself free. Instead,
you feel trapped.

Once upon a time, you loved your business—and it seemed to love you back. Each new client was a reason to party. Your swagger grew with your bank account. And every day, as you battled an onslaught of emails and drank your weight in coffee, you fantasized about the wild adventures and incredible lifestyle you‘d have as soon as you hit your peak.

Trouble is, your summit is nowhere in sight. Conquer one level of grind and you discover another. New level, new devil. The passion that propelled you now flickers weakly, smothered by the weight of how damn busy you are.

So you wake up, cram in some face time with the kids or your partner over breakfast, then churn out client work and chase after your long list of to-dos. Successful on paper, but stuck working nights and weekends. Throw in the guilt of abandoned friends and family and kids and you’re headed straight for burnout city.

Hustle may get you financial results, but is THIS the lifestyle you wanted to build? Are you willing to work harder and faster because gurus claim it’s the ONLY WAY to make the impact that you crave? Do you really believe in the unicorn of a mythical “next level” where you’ll magically manifest room to breathe?

It’s time to stop grinding your life away and starting dialing in on what truly matters.

It’s time for you to get your groove back, Stella.

REASON 2. You gave up stability and a corporate credit card
to make an impact on your terms

You’ve already mastered some seriously profitable skills. But ditching corporate and doing business your way gets overwhelming, fast.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there, too: wondering if I’d built a six-figure cage, doubting that freedom and gratifying profits could ever coexist.

After 10 years climbing the corporate ladder, I landed at the top of a $125,000,000 division of a major home fashions company. I had a gorgeous office overlooking Madison Avenue in New York City, but it was totally soul sucking.

I knew my hours deserved more than empty debates over useless corporate politics. I was desperate to travel the world. So four years ago, I said bye-bye to 3 short weeks of vacation. I left it all behind and began m y first 6 figure business, a global design and product development consulting firm.

Now all of that seems pretty sweet, and I’m really grateful for it, but I knew I was meant for even more. I wanted to make an even bigger impact in the world. So I started my second business working as a mentor to other businesswomen supporting them to design their business and life. And I’ve been running both businesses successfully ever since.

At first, I thought I had to hustle and push extra hard to get ahead. (This message is the norm in the online world!) But it left me in adrenal fatigue, nearing burnout and completely lacking the passion and fire that I originally felt when I created my first business. Frankly, it sucked.

I started to smarten up how and when I worked. I honed in on my dream clients. But only when I placed a priority on putting myself first did my business and life really shift.

I had started focusing on the right things and making the right choices that supported my business growth, while giving me the freedom to design my life the way I wanted it to look.

Now I travel inside and outside of the country over 8 times a year (over 75,000 miles a year). Hello sweet freedom!

This is kind of freedom is possible for you. But you must put yourself first to get there

REASON 3. You know it takes a leap to reach your next level

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Escape.

Here, you ditch the hustle and learn to work, play, and celebrate all at once. You’ll discover (maybe for the very first time) that your business can be FUN and not just a daily grind.

Here, you explore what matters most to you while surrounded by supportive, inspiring women who share your goals and aspirations.

Here, you create the blueprint for a life and business that sets you free.

And you start living it right now.

An Entrepreneur Escape is no ordinary retreat.

At various amazing destinations around the globe (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE WHERE!) you’ll join me and other carefully selected women in an escape from the entrepreneur grind.

This is your time to say adios to the list of obligations, duties, and responsibilities that leave you feeling disconnected, discouraged and drained.

The Entrepreneur Escape whisks you away from all that and transports you to a land of inspirational beauty, closeknit community, and a new standard of pleasure in your life.

REASON 4. You've got MAJOR wanderlust.

Entrepreneur Escape kicks off and concludes with a private Skype session between you and me. On these calls, we’re going to get you crystal-clear on what you want, what you’ve learned, and how you will integrate your new normal into your former day-to-day life.

But the real genius happens on the retreat itself. Here’s how it’s going down
  • You’ll spend your days and nights in luxury accommodations with everything you need at your fingertips.
  • You’ll start your day with morning yoga or meditation classes that challenge and relax you (assuming you want to—if you’d rather sleep in, that’s cool too). For breakfast (and every other meal), you’ll dine on delicious, locally-sourced meals prepared in our villa by our private chef.
  • You’ll harness your morning clarity and focus to immerse yourself into coaching and biz-building fun times (AKA informal work/funshops and mastermind sessions). That means you get to blast through
    mental blocks and clear the cobwebs out of your head so you can focus on high-payoff activities that
    build your dream business and life.
  • You’ll develop completely customized strategies, structures, and game plans thanks to the combined
    brilliance of our loving group and bonus ideas from yours truly.
  • You’ll take plenty of long and leisurely breaks from business to enjoy breathtaking adventures (think kayaking, hiking, stand-up-paddle boarding, local market exploration and cooking courses.)

Throughout it all, we’ll celebrate! Because we are women in business who are making an impact…without the hustle and the grind

REASON 5. You're tired of popping into a 10,000-person
Facebook group and calling it "your community."

There’s a huge piece missing from the entrepreneur world: a sense of deep community. A place to create noncompetitive, 100% supportive, zero bullshit friendships with women who share your love for the richness of life.

I’m limiting these experiences to just eight (8!) women, all of whom have been handpicked by me to share this experience with you.

Picture branding experts, health coaches, marketing geniuses, life coaches and healers. All of us are established business owners and here to support one another.

You’ll meet potential JV partners and clients, but more importantly you’ll meet women like you—who dream of freedom, who share your goals, who do what it takes to achieve them.

During these retreats we’ll actually get to know each other. Not with our faces stuck in a laptop but while working on business and brainstorming genius and having new adventures.

REASON 6. You're WAY overdue for a dose of working ON
your business, not IN it.

During the retreat, while masterminding and managing your business like a boss, you design a completely customized roadmap for what you need to make your dream lifestyle your reality.

Maybe you change your business model, start charging more for your services, or just delegate more tasks to your team or your partner so you can enjoy more time with your friends without guilt.

When Entrepreneur Escape is over, you’ll away with:
  • A crystal clear picture of YOUR version of success—and strategies to structure your business so it
    support your freedom lifestyle
  • Habits that break through limiting beliefs and self-sabotage (including international travel, oh yeah!),plus a toolbox of tips for days when fears and doubts try to creep in
  • New levels of confidence from doing things you’ve never done before, like hiking volcanoes, kayaking, and exploring local culture
  • Renewed trust in your instincts and inner voice so you can fearlessly follow your unique vision for a fulfilling future
  • Rekindled self-love and awareness, so you soak up the pleasure all around you and treat yourself like the liberated leader you are!
  • New friends. New foods. New ways to find adventure—in the jungle, the office, or everyday life

Whatever your new life blueprint and business goals look like, you’ll choose them based on what YOU want—not just because some online guru shouts that you need to launch a course or work even harder to make your mark.

REASON 7 . You've heard that more travel = greater productivity.
(And a sweet tax deduction)

You CAN create an entrepreneurial lifestyle that sustains and nourishes you. You just need to master the art of using your time wisely.

Take me for example.

As soon as I board the plane to my next great adventure, I crack open my laptop and crank out my work. While I’m travelling for business workshops, I get the time and spaciousness I need to think clearly about my business as a whole. (Plus I get to decrease my tax bill!)

Of course I have systems and a minimal team that run my business on autopilot. So I can dance in the desert or sip cocktails in the jungle and still deliver great service to my clients.

When I come back, I’m more productive. My passion and batteries are recharged. I see what’s possible from a big-picture perspective, and the time away gives me the clarity to take action (plus the confidence to charge more).

I travel as much as I want, enjoy adventures and tons of travel, and still bank more than $100,000 every year. I’m in control of my business, not the other way around.

REASON 8 . You have your best breakthroughs in the shower, during
downward-facing dog, or while clinking cocktail glasses
with girlfriends.

Truth is, you MUST ease off the grind to grow a business in line with your dreams.

I’m a business and transformational coach, which means I see the bigger picture, and here’s what I have learned: There’s no such thing as work/life balance. Everything you do is a part of your life. That’s why I do work while I’m on vacation and vacation while I’m at work.

So when you arrive at an Entrepreneur Escape, you step into your new normal.

You’ll still be focused on the goals we identified in our pre-retreat meeting. You’ll still manage clients and take calls if you need to and check in with your tribe.

But you’ll also take soul-nourishing breaks and stoke your creative fires. You’ll sweat and swim and relax and pick and choose your agenda.

Unlike other mastermind retreats, Entrepreneur Escapes won’t be jam-packed. You don’t have to choose between unmissable activities or suffer through PowerPoints and boring lectures.

It's vacation. Plus business. AKA your daily life-without limitations.
REASON 9 . You aren't quite ready yet.
Rest assured, if you’re reading this, Entrepreneur Escape was made for you.

Even if you lack focus.

Even if you feel stuck.

Even if you’re wondering if you have enough money, time, or strategic intelligence to live your ideal life.

Entrepreneur Escape is DESIGNED to help you break free from your limits.

You’ll do the deep inner work to overcome false beliefs and conquer your fears with the guidance of an expert (me) and the other women on this trip.

Fake it ‘til you make it may be a cliché, but it’s still some damn good advice.

Because we’re NEVER quite ready to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

But when you do, magic happens.


REASON 10 . You are worth it.

Let’s face it. Building a business is hard. It can be lonely, overwhelming and, to be honest, sometimes you just feel like giving up.

That’s why I created these retreats. Because you and I both know that the woman who dreamed of a life filled with adventure, freedom, and days on the beach still lives inside of you. She just needs a place to dream and create again.

At an Entrepreneur Escape, you will find that woman and embody her. Together, we’ll work. We’ll create. We’ll take risks.

But we’ll also sip wine. We’ll play. We’ll laugh until we cry. We’ll relax, replenish, and learn about the local culture.
(You never know! We may even have a visit from a local shaman.)

All the while, we’ll plot business world domination—plus create boundaries to protect the progress we’ve made and the freedom that makes it worthwhile.

Because you are the kind of woman who can take her business to the next level without spiraling into overwhelm and burnout.

You can make yourself a priority. You can take time away. You can make real life friends all over the world and see them face-to-face. You can schedule more dance breaks, make more money, and be fully present with your partner, kids, and friends because you don’t have so much busywork to do.

You may still wake up early…but only to do what brings you real pleasure. And you’ll fall asleep knowing your dream life was here all along.

You just had to find it.


“Working with Lauren was a game changer for me! Being able to work on strategy and mindset each week with her really allowed me the space to create a sense of freedom and alignment for myself within my business. Lauren has the gift of meeting you exactly where you are at, which allows you to grow organically.

She’s not about “following” the pack. She’s about amping up what you enjoy doing while trying new things so that you can fully understand how you show up as an entrepreneur.

She is also the absolute best at reframing and troubleshooting so that you continue to move forward with what you are doing, NO MATTER WHAT. Because of our work together, I have one of the strongest foundations built to launch from!

Nikki Brocco