Do you feel like hiding under a rock after you hold a discovery call/strategy session and the client doesn’t want to sign up to work with you?

I totally get it. I’ve wanted to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich and never come back up for air ever again.

In today’s Truth or Dare, I’m going to not only help you reframe the feeling of rejection but help you hear more Yes’s (and more Paypal notifications.)


You hold a sales call with the seemingly perfect, ideal customer. You just know you’ve got this sale in the bag. The session is going so smoothly. You are totally in rapport. You know you can help this person achieve their goals.

You put on your big girl panties, take a deep breath and ask if they’d like to work with you.

And then it happens.

You get a variation of the following: “the timing is not right”, or “it’s too expensive”, or “I need to ask my spouse.”

Boom. You’re now a deflated balloon. You feel rejected and defeated, and you’re really surprised that it didn’t end the way you visualized it would.

What went wrong?

Now, let’s reframe this problem and give you a solution!


Don’t take it personally. It’s not you. You’re lovely. (Unless you made fun of their husband/friend/website…but I know you’d never do that.)

It’s highly likely that you didn’t really show/explain/get them to feel just how amazing your service was. You probably highlighted all of the FEATURES (i.e. 9 sessions that are 45-minutes long, a workbook and e-mail support, etc.).

What you probably failed to do is make it crystal freaking clear just how much the work you do will impact their life. Not only their life, but the lives of the people in it. It is missing the emotion and the why beneath the why.

Instead of leading with the features (like I mentioned above), make sure you get into the nitty gritty of the life-altering BENEFITS.

Here are some examples of benefits:

“You’ll lose that post-pregnancy weight so you can fit into your skinny jeans and your sex drive will go through the roof. Hello, happy relationship!”

“You’ll finally be able to quit that soul-sucking job because you’ve gotten so many clients that you’ve replaced your 9-5 salary, and now you can travel as much as you’d like because you don’t have to ask for time off.”

“You’ll stop trying to please everyone and you’ll start taking care of yourself by making YOU the priority. You’ll stop burning the candle at both ends because you’re more relaxed, sleeping better and you’ll manage your stress like a champ.”

So, see, it’s not you. YOU weren’t rejected. The SERVICE that you tried to sell was. Make sure you separate the two. (This is the reframe.)

Take this opportunity to get really clear on the BENEFITS of how your work together will change their freaking life.

Your mission is this: Write down the benefits of your program or offering, and then write down the benefits of those benefits. Keep drilling down the benefits until your offering is the best thing next to sliced bread. It will help you see just how amazing your service. You’ll be able to speak confidently about it AND close the sale because the potential client is confident that this is the right step for her/him.