I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that you’re pretty busy. Am I right?

First, THANK YOU for reading my blogs every week. I think you’re pretty amazing and I am grateful that you are part of my community.

Second, knowing that you are a busy bee I want to keep my messages to you short and sweet (unless there is something that really requires a more lengthy post.)

So, to kick this off, I am going to be doing a Truth AND Dare with you. These are short and straight to the point- and they won’t require you to scroll down a bazillion times to read it.

Alright, let the games begin!


You’re getting bummed out because you go and post things in Facebook groups and you hear the dreaded crickets. Chirp, chirp.

You get pretty hard on yourself because:
a) it feels like no one hears you or, worse, they are ignoring you,
b) they don’t like what you have to say, and
c) they don’t sign up for your free call/training/opt-in.

Bummer, right?

Social media can be a wonderful tool for growing your business. Unfortunately, it can also be a curse if you do it wrong.

When you hear the dreaded crickets, what do you do?

Please don’t tell me that you change your message completely and try to please everyone and find that sweet spot of likes, shares and comments.

That just confuses the hell out of everyone!


Find out what you are good at and stick with it! At least for a while. Don’t talk about one thing one day and totally change to something else the next day.

Make sure you’re clear on your message so that people know and understand who you are as a person and a business woman.

Stick to your guns. Show your expertise. Keep at it. That, my lovely friends, is how you build an authentic business and become an expert.