Have you ever gone to write a blog post or newsletter to your list and, for the life of you, you just didn’t know what to write about?

I sure have!

In today’s Truth or Dare, I’ve got a quick and easy fix to solve your (lack of) communication issue.


It’s time to get in touch with your on-line tribe and you put your butt in the chair to write your newsletter, but for some reason when you put your fingers on the keyboard you just can’t seem to get them to start typing.

You’re paralyzed. You doubt yourself. You just sit and stare at your screen hoping for a moment of inspiration to strike you.

Gulp. It appears you’ve got nada to say.

Now, we both know that’s not true! You’re an intelligent, savvy, highly knowledgable business-owner who has a TON to offer your on-line community.

Now, let’s fix this issue, shall we?


Start keeping a copy bank.

As you go through your day, week and life keep a copy file on Evernote, Google Drive, phone notepad or a notebook and start jotting down ideas as they come to you. You can even speak them into your phone and have Siri dictate it for you.

Maybe you read a really interesting article on your commute that you’ve got a differing opinion or something additional that you would have included had YOU written the article.

Jot that shit down, quick. Make a quick note. Include a link or photo if it helps you remember. Doodle a picture.

Don’t rely on your brain to remember it later. Between the time that you saw the article and had the blog idea, you’ve probably had about a million other thoughts pop into your head. (What should I eat for lunch? Do I need a haircut? What is Sally up to?) You get the picture…

Start keeping a copy bank. You can thank me later. (Feel free to send me cookies. I love cookies.)