Language gives shape and form to our reality. But we’ve got to be careful with the way that we speak, otherwise our words are working against us.

Which statement sounds more empowering and powerful?

“I will earn $10,000 a month by working with 4 clients in August?”


“If I can figure out how to build my website, and if the stars align perfectly and if I can just bump into a few new clients in the street then maybe I will make more money.”

I think the choice is obvious. How about you?

There are two types of language you can be use when you communicate, 1) Descriptive and 2) Declarative.

Descriptive Language:
:: Describes the stories you think are real, or the rules that you are living by.
:: Does not allow for creation.
:: Operates from a place of “what is wrong with me?”
:: Gives reasons, stories or excuses.
:: Shows that you are your fixed history. (There is no room for other possibilities.)
:: Keeps you inside of your comfort zone.

Declarative Language:
:: Creates new possibilities
:: Operates from a place of “what am I committed to doing/being/having?”
:: Shows that results are evidence (not the story that you have told yourself.)
:: Creates your future
:: Allows you to take risks and step into your power.

You’ve got to use conscious declarative language, as in “I will make $10,000 a month in my coaching business by working with 4 clients in August” and not descriptive language (the reasons, stories and excuses we tell ourselves that we think are real, but are actually total B.S.)

Don’t declare with a story. Declare only the declaration of what you desire.

According to Mahatma Gandhi

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Today I invite you to be conscious and thoughtful with the words that you speak so that you can create a new future for your business and life.

I’d love to hear your declaration! Let me know in the comments below. The act of declaring will set off a powerful chain of events.