Alright, now you might be wondering how my tattoos would have anything to do with business. Actually, they have a lot to do with the mindset that goes along with having a business.

In case you didn’t know I have 6 tattoos. I’ll save the history of them for a later date, but I got my first one at 14 and my last one at 29.

They are all in places that you’d never see unless you saw me in a bathing suit. {Side note: I’d live in a bathing suit everyday if I could. I love everything to do with summer, beaches, water, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. Unfortunately, it’s not really appealing to be walking down 1st Avenue in NYC in a bikini…so I don’t.}

How tattoos and business are related:

1) What you just *know* with absolute certainty that you want at one time, might not be what you want later…and that’s ok. {Even though I might not love the tattoo I got at 14, I can either choose to accept that it was my choice- or I can have it removed by a laser.}

What this means to you and your business: Choosing a niche and target market might feel so permanent to you, but you can always change it later if you don’t enjoy it. And it’s a hell of a lot easier to change than it is to remove a tattoo.

2) Any pain/discomfort you experience is temporary. Some of my tattoos took hours to be created on my body. Some of the areas that I have tattooed are seriously painful (hello, ribs, I’m talking to you). Guess what? It’s temporary.

What this means to you and your business: Things might get tough in your business. Things might go wrong. Every piece of technology might fail on you during a webinar. Your website might get hacked. You might get zero “likes” on your Facebook posts. You might feel like giving up because it just feels like too much. But don’t.

The feeling is temporary. Step away from the computer. Nurture yourself. Take a time-out. Do what you need to do in order to re-charge and pick yourself up. Remember your big WHY (why you are doing what you ‘re doing to begin with).

3) You can choose to express yourself in whatever way you want to. It’s your body. It’s your canvas. It’s your life. My most recent four tattoos are Sanskrit words that represent Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. These are quite literally words to live by. I am proud of these 4 words. I like to believe that I fully embody these words.

What this means to you and your business: Express yourself in your business the way that YOU want to. Not the way that everyone else is doing it–even if you think they are killing it in their business. If it doesn’t feel in alignment and integrity with YOUR personal beliefs, then don’t do it.

Be you. Be true and authentic. You might turn some people off, but that’s totally OK. You are weeding out the people who aren’t your ideal clients. And that’s a great thing! You want people in your life and your business who *get* you. Who resonate with you. Who connect with you.