Your WHY is the reason you are doing what you’re doing. The main reason you’re trying to move mountains and make money in your business. Your WHY is the thing that keeps you going. No. Matter. What.

This topic came up for me recently. I frequently get calls from recruiters/headhunters looking to fill positions in my old industry. My last full-time, in-house job was as the head of product development where I ran a $125 million dollar division and I reported to the President of the company. (The company’s yearly total sales were “only” $160 million, for the record. So I was responsible for over 75% of the business.)

Because of my position and the fact that the company was an industry leader, my resume is quite desirable. And I get calls and inquiries a lot for me to take various high-level positions. Meanwhile, I’ve not taken any interviews since I left my job over 3 years ago to start my first business.

So, the other week I got a call from a recruiter looking to fill a Senior Vice President position (and a multi 6-figure salary) and when I spoke to the recruiter I told him “thank you so much for calling, but I am still NOT interested in taking any full-time position. My business is booming and there is no amount of money that any company could pay me that would entice me to go back into the corporate life.” (Side note: even if it weren’t booming, I still LOVE what I do and it is my passion and purpose!)

As the words came out of my mouth I felt such a sense of pride, accomplishment AND a fierce determination that surprised me (and shocked him!) There was not even a smidgen of doubt that I was making the right decision.

Helping women create more wealth and freedom in their lives through their authentic businesses (all while creating the same in MY life) is my big WHY. I have such a deep conviction that the successes and abundance I’ve experienced is totally possible for every, single one of you. And I won’t stop until you realize it too!

In today’s Truth or Dare, I want you to get really freaking clear on your WHY.


Business can be tough. You get knocked down from time-to-time. You want to give up. Things overwhelm you. You see other peoples success and wonder when yours is coming. You wonder if your business is a glorified (and expensive) hobby. You aren’t sure if anyone hears or “gets” you because you’re not sure your messaging is clear. You ride the roller coaster of entrepreneurship (and you don’t even like roller coasters…they make you nauseous.)


Spend 10 minutes today and write out why you do what you do. Why are you in business? What message do you have to share with the world through your work? Why are you so passionate about it? What would you stand on a soapbox and tell everyone who passes by?

What is your BIG WHY?

{Note: making a lot of money is NOT your WHY. You need to go deeper. Why do you want the money? What will having money do for you? What will it create? (Freedom, accomplishment, time with your family, more travel, more time to do things you enjoy, etc.)}

Really feel into your Why. Sit with it. Breathe it in. Write it down on a pretty notecard (or in lipstick on your mirror).

You’ve so got this!!