Imagine three months from now. You’re making a bigger impact in your client’s lives. You’re making more money. You’re creating the freedom lifestyle you desire. (And you’re doing it all on your own terms.)

Do you want to grow the authentic and profitable business that allows you to feel free but right now you can’t seem to get off of the hamster wheel of constant thoughts and ideas that are keeping you paralyzed with fear?

Do you sit there fantasizing about a life of traveling around the globe while working in your business but instead you lack the individualized strategy it takes to know which steps to take first to make your dream a reality?

Maybe you’ve already tried everything that you’ve told you should be doing, but nothing is really working.

You’re not consistent and you aren’t doing what feels really good to you.

One thing is for sure; you don’t want to live the same life, making the same amount of money a year or two from now.

You know something’s got to change and you know the very first step is to figure out what you really want and how to make your BIG business dreams come true.

It doesn’t make sense. You’ve played by the “rules”. You did what you thought you were “supposed” to do.

You’ve tried tactics and strategies that people have shared with you. You downloaded a ton of opt-ins that tell you you’re going to be getting the keys to the castle, and instead all you got was another crappy PDF that got you nowhere.

You’ve watched all of the webinars promising you the sun, moon and stars-and even took a lot of notes-but then you didn’t actually implement anything.

You were overwhelmed with the amount of information and the strategies were so generic and they did not take into account YOU as a person and business-owner.

So you go about your day, trying to be happy with what you have, because fear has stopped you in your tracks.

But right now you lack the strategic insight and personalized roadmap to actually attract the clients and money you want-in a way that actually FITS your personality and strengths. 

You struggle to sleep well at night. And as you stare up at the 3AM ceiling, you hear a familiar voice say, ‘Is it really supposed to be this hard? What am I doing wrong?’

You wrestle with the fear-based thought of “How can I make a sustainable income with my business?” Or , “My business feels like an expensive hobby.”

You think it will take a lot of time, energy and money to build your dream business. You’ve seen these so-called on-line overnight successes that other entrepreneurs are talking about. And it make you doubt yourself. You wonder if and when it will ever happen for you.

You need help focusing your ideas so that you can feel confident that you are pursuing the right (and most profitable) ones. You’re multi-passionate with a lot of interests and passions but you’re lacking the direction, clarity, confidence and strategic insight needed to take your business to the next level.

You’d love to grow a business and create a lifestyle that is a different kind of life. One that allows you the freedom to travel the world, work on your own terms, and wake up full of excitement with clarity of purpose. All while being authentic and true to yourself.

Who wouldn’t??

The problem is every time you allow yourself a moment to daydream your ideal business, you get nervous and let fear (or misinformation) stop you dead in your tracks.

What if you don’t have what it takes to achieve your dreams? The idea of investing so much of yourself in your business, but not having what it takes to make it a reality, scares the shit out of you.

The other issue is that you are crushing your dreams before they get the chance to fully blossom.

You evaluate your desires and immediately discard them because you think it isn’t possible. Because it might be hard. Because you might be judged. Because you might fail. Sound familiar?


There is a better way, I promise!

Create an authentic business and a life that truly fulfills you- all on your own terms.

Boldly take risks and shine outside of your comfort zone while keeping true to your uniqueness, preferences, strengths and desires.

Your dream business-what it is that you are meant to be, do and have in this lifetime- is 100% unique and authentic to you. It will feel natural and full of ease (not to be mistaken for easy). It will give your life more purpose and meaning. It will be something that opens, expands and excites you. You’ll be in flow. You’ll be energized.

And it will feel really freaking good because you will be doing it on your own terms (not what your friends or your momma told you to do.)

This is why you must build your dream business and freedom lifestyle.

I am the master key to unleashing your true brilliance in the form of your own living, breathing and profit-making business so that you don’t have to spend your days spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. I’m a mentor, trainer & personal strategist and I am your unfair advantage.

You deserve to create the business of your dreams so that you can fill your days with meaningful work that can be done from home in your PJ’s, or from anywhere in the world- (hey, I won’t judge.)

After 3 months you will:

  • Be crystal clear on your business and life dreams and desires and be taking consistent, aligned action towards making your dreams your new reality. That teeny-tiny spark of an idea that has been floating around in that gorgeous head of yours will finally be ignited and expressed into the world!
  • Get customized, strategic insight from someone who has already been where you’re at. Let me spare you the steep learning curve, frustrations and a lot of the growing pains.
  • Identify your financial goals- and be on track to bringing in the dough you want to be making. (No more glorified expensive hobby!)
  • Be clear on how you desire to authentically communicate your unique personality and brand so that your clients are magnetized towards you.
  • Gain the confidence to step boldly into the role of entrepreneurship- and to be visible in your business.
  • Get supported each and every week. Accountability is key!
  • Have someone objective to bounce ideas off and go through the decision making process with…get new insights, see old problems in a new way and find solutions and new approaches.
  • Create a beautiful, tangible vision and Brand ID for what you’d like your business to aesthetically look like—and one that will allow you to stand out in a crowded market.

First Class Freedom is a 3-month experience where you’ll be on your way to ditching the frustration and overwhelm for the global freedom business and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

I will meet you exactly where you’re at in your business.  It’s not some one-size-fits-all approach. First Class Freedom is custom tailored to get you the results that you are looking for.

Each month builds on the previous one so that at the end of 3 months you’ll be out of overwhelm and consistently making forward strides in your business. And finally making money in your business would be nice too, right??? You’ll also be having way more fun and freedom in both your business and your life!

Uncover the desires and pleasures of your perfect life and how to do more of it while working in your business. Because working smarter does not have to mean working harder! After 3 months there will be high-fives and celebrations all around!

In the first month you’ll create a strong business foundation to build upon. These foundational steps are crucial to your success. You’ll also:

  • Uncover your deep desires for your business and life and understand why you have them. (Your WHY is what’s going to light a fire inside you and keep it burning brightly to illuminate your path to success!)
  • Focus in on your ideal target market and niche.  Stop being something to everyone and start being really important to the ideal clients that will actually pay for your services.
  • Work on clearing the energetic and physical clutter that’s been keeping you blocked from attracting what you desire.
  • Identify your specific money desires which will set you up for abundant wealth. Build your knowledge around wealth consciousness. Having a strong money mindset is a must-have for any successful woman!
  • Create your unique products and offerings (and a launch strategy) so that you can begin to increase your business income.

In the second month you’ll add some sparkly, finishing touches to your beautiful business. You’ll also:

  • Authentically shine in your business and stand out in a crowded marketplace. We will work together to combine your skills, talents and passions so that they are fully present in your business. The more of YOU that’s included in your business, the more desirable you become to your clients. No one-size-fits-all approach here!
  • Have your beautiful branding ID package created so that you’ll be super clear on what you desire to “look” like on-line.
  • Discover how to effectively communicate with your ideal clients.  Find out what to say that has your clients running for their wallets.
  • Learn expert time-managment tips, systems and structures that will keep you focused and will help run your business in your sleep- or from anywhere in the world.

In the final month you’ll begin to own, embody and express your perfect business vision out in the world. You’ll also:

  • Uncover the various ways you can attract paying clients via your communication, both on-line and in person, that are right for you and your business so that you are maximizing your efforts.
  • Identify the keys to creating a simple, intuitive day-to-day schedule that keeps you feeling both calm and enlivened as you work in your business. Learn my expert time management and delegating tips – no more working every hour of the day!
  • Be a pro at setting personal and professional boundaries and stop saying Yes (when you really mean No). These will be crucial skills to draw upon as you grow your business.
  • Build buzz for your brand and become the go-to person in your industry. Build credibility and increase visibility so that you are the first person to be called as the industry expert for telesummits, challenges, programs and other media.
  • Stretch and confidently reach for new opportunities- Learn effective networking to spread the word about your brilliant business.

What’s Included

12 weekly 45-minute sessions. Each session will build on the previous ones, leading you through a strategic self-development and business building process that includes a variety of techniques designed to lead you to success.

Customized missions and dares, your next steps to take immediate action and implement in your business (and life.)

Three 15-minute emergency calls to work out anything that comes up in between our sessions. This includes mentor support, business development suggestions, and seasoned advice for more adventurous living. (Just ask me about Costa Rica.)

Access to my Private Facebook group, where you can get additional support and inspiration.

Email access to me. Know that you’ll have the support you need, when you need it, via email. I’ll read and reply to your email within 24 hours (Monday through Friday). This is a helpful tool in between the coaching sessions, especially when you have a question, a breakthrough, or are in need of some additional resources or support. Email me your successes and your struggles, I am here to support and celebrate you!


Brand Styling and Identity (Valued at: $1,000.00):

My go-to branding gal, Lindsey Barbara, will mentor you through finding your brand style and identity. She’ll help you feel 100% aligned with your brand and design a style that resonates with your soul. She will provide you with a Brand Styling Workbook to begin finding your overall brand vision, deep and thoughtful questions to awaken your soul, so you resonate with your brand, and an accompanying dream client profile to bring the entire vision/brand together. Lindsey will also curate a mood board and color palette for you based on your styling workbook and Pinterest board fun. We are talking about a brand that will feel and be totally, 100%, YOU!

What you’ll receive:

Brand Styling Workbook

Mood/Inspiration Board

Color Palette Dream Client Profile

30-minute Virtual Coffee Date with Lindsey 

Authentic Communication Style Guide & Video Training (Valued at $350):

Elizabeth Derby will guide you as you develop your signature communication style. She’ll help you get comfortable in your authentic brand voice and get clear on the soulful purpose of every email, post, and conversation you share with your dream clients. She will provide you with an Authentic Communication Workbook and accompanying Video Training so you can begin to tune in to what matters most when you share your ideas with dream clients. This step-by-step training will help you identify your unique power as a communicator, define how you can use your strengths to serve your ideal clients, and create your very own Authentic Communication Style Guide. This is your key to creating marketing content that shines with your unique brand of wonderful.

What you’ll receive:

Authentic Communication Video Training

Authentic Communication Workbook

Communication Style Guide Printable

30-minute Virtual Coffee Date with Elizabeth

Gifts to support your journey: 

You’ll get helpful resources, hand-picked just for you. These fun gifts and surprises will be sent your way to support your journey and goals. Each item is custom picked for you, with your goals in mind. The items are selected to support and nurture you along the way, maximizing your program experiences.

I want to show you that it is possible to do great work in this world. You can create the kind of business that is a perfect reflection of your unique brilliance.

Once you allow amazing opportunities (and people) to find you, they will. You don’t have to be chasing after everything like a dog on a bone.

Every accomplished, happy, and fulfilled woman sought out support in order to live her best life. I offer First Class Freedom to provide that support, as well as the customized strategic insight and counsel, which have shaped my personal and professional success.

But this program will only work for you if you’re TRULY ready to let go of overwhelm and climb back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Tell me, does this sound like you?

  • You’re a self-starter who eats ambition for breakfast (and maybe green smoothies, too).
  • You’re ready to invest the time, money and energy into your business and life to make your desires happen
  • You’re creative and punctual (and know those two concepts are NOT mutually exclusive).
  • Where other people see roadblocks, you see opportunities. (“Dear every person who says I need to stay in my corporate job for the benefits, I can buy them for myself.”)
  • You’re willing to talk about your fears, troubles and challenges in your life or business
  • You live according to YOUR highest standards. (You’ve got no patience for advice-givers who say, “Get married, have babies, and for God’s sake settle down.”)
  • You’re sick of bitching to your girlfriends or partner about what sucks in your life right now. You’re ready to act on the inner voice telling you that there’s more to life than this.


It is not for you if:

  • You are not ready to live up to your potential.
  • You’re not willing or ready to invest the time, money or energy into your life or business.
  • You only want to do things your way.
  • You’re lazy and you want things handed to you on a silver platter.
  • You’re looking for me to give you all the answers.
  • You’re boring or closed-minded.

It’s time to kiss the rules goodbye.

A word of warning: My 1:1 coaching programs are by application only.

Change is difficult, and the majority of people aren’t willing to do the work to make it happen. I reserve my client list for highly motivated, professional women with powerful reasons to change.

Rather than waste your time and money with sugar-coated platitudes and motivational posters, I show up to deliver results. I don’t believe in excuses and I will call you on your shit, so be prepared to meet me halfway.

total investment 4

Still on board? Let’s do this.

To get your one-way ticket to a business of profit, purpose and adventure, click the button below to schedule a time to chat. Let’s chat!